HR Forms

Please find additional forms and information on our new (as of Aug. 11, 2014) Human Resources website.


All forms below are available in PDF, WordTM or ExcelTM formats or are an online form. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF forms. Please contact ITSS if you do not have the correct program.

Note: Many forms are no longer needed. The Busines Service Center's ePar process is now in use. Payroll is managed by the UNT System Business Service Center, 1112 Dallas Drive, Denton.

If you are prompted for a password when attempting to open a form, click on cancel and the document will load. If you have difficulty opening the form directly from this webpage, right click on the link to save the form on your computer and open the saved file.

Recruiting Forms

Recruitment Request Form (HRM-5) - UNT [Word]
Salaried Position Request Form (HRM-4) - UNT [Word]

Human Resource Management (HRM) Forms

Appointment Authorization for Summer Payroll for 9 Month Regular Faculty and Staff (HRM-12) -Please use the ePar process.

Appointment Authorization for Temporary (Non-contract) Faculty and Salaried Student Positions Please use the ePar process.
Hourly Appointment Authorization Form (HRM-8) - Please see ePAR procedures.
Supplemental pay preapproval - Please see HRM11 under Compensation on the new HR website
Stipend Payment Form - Please see the ePar process.

Employee Data Update Forms

Annualized Compensation Cancellation or Election (Salary Spread for 9 month Employees)- Please use the ePar process
Authorization Agreement for Electronic Funds Transfer of Salary (EFT) Please see the  ePar process.
Employee Account (EUID) Activation (Account Management System) [online]
Employee Data Self-Service (MyUNT) [online]
Employee Password Update (Account Management System) [online]
Employee Preferred Email Update (Account Management System) [online]
Request for Approval of Outside Employment [Word]
Request for Disability Accommodation in Employment [pdf]
Previous state service verification; call 1-855-878-7650 to request form.

Training and Development Forms

Training Registration Form



Leave and Time Reporting Forms

Application for Approval of Leave / Overtime (UPO-15) [Word]  [pdf]
Electronic Hourly Employee Timecard (UPO-23) [Excel]
Faculty Application for Approval of Leave (VPAA-150) (not used for sick leave) [Word]
Faculty Sick Leave Reporting Form (VPAA-151) [Word]
Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Application [online]
Regular Staff Employee Time Card (UPO-24) [Excel]
Staff Leave Accrual Form (UPO-25)


 Sick Leave Donation to Pool form (pdf)

Employee Recognition Program Forms

Soaring Eagle Nomination Form [pdf]
Star Performer Nomination Form [Word]
TIP$ Evaluation Form [pdf]
TIP$ Suggestion Form [pdf

Performance Management Forms

Corrective Action Notice (HR-19) [Word
Employee Grievance/Involuntary Termination Review Form [pdf]
Performance Evaluation- Planning Guide (UPO-31) [Excel]
Verbal Counseling and Reprimand Form [Word]
Workplace Violence Incident Report [Word]

Position Classification Forms

Position Classification Review FAQs [pdf]

Ending Employment

Exit Packet for Employees [online]
Employee Termination - use the ePar process
Lump Sum Payment upon Termination / Special Payment Authorization form  (HRM-9)
Lump Sum Payment upon Termination / Special Payment Authorization instructions for HRM-9

EIS Security & Report Requests

EIS Security Request Form - Contact
EIS Report Request Form - contact